Posted by: Huw Thomas | November 5, 2010

One degree of separation

Forget ‘six degrees of separation’. How’s this for bizarre: we’re now in Lubbock, Texas, staying with local Rotarian Ken Clowes – a fellow Brit who grew up in Waterford Drive, Little Neston, Cheshire… the same road where Carolyn’s family lived when she was born!

Crossing the state line into Texas - our fifth state

We’ve done about 100 miles since arriving in Texas yesterday morning – riding past huge fields of cotton.

Ken has a busy schedule for us in West Texas. We’ve done three TV interviews about ShelterBox so far and we’re off to give a presentation to local Rotarians tonight. Then tomorrow we’re at the Science Spectrum museum from 10am giving a series of workshops/presentations to local children.

On Sunday, the local bike club are going to escort us out of town as we head south-east towards Post, Snyder, Abilene and Eastland for a series of further engagements.

Yet again, we’re glad to have so many opportunities to spread the word about ShelterBox – at the moment the charity is at work in five countries around the world: Haiti, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan and the Philippines. To read more, click here.



  1. Wow! You guys are really moving. Sounds like a great schedule!!

    • Doesn’t feel like we’re making much progress on the days when the wind is in our faces!

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