Posted by: Huw Thomas | October 31, 2010

Why we’re doing this

We’ve just arrived in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, after another 73 mile day feeling tired but contented – partly because of today’s ride but also because we had such a great day yesterday.

Some of the World College team manning the hot dog stall

We spent part of the day at the United World College campus just outside Las Vegas, New Mexico, where a team of students were busy raising money for ShelterBox. Then we spoke at a fundraising dinner where we learnt that the college’s Rotaract Club and Las Vegas Rotary Club had between them raised enough money for another three ShelterBoxes.

Why’s that so great? Well, while we’re having a big adventure riding across America and talking about ShelterBox, other volunteers from the charity’s response team have been delivering thousands of boxes to families all over the world.

ShelterBoxes arrive in Guatemala

Since we started this journey on 8th August, the charity has sent out more than 6,500 boxes. PLUS huge numbers of additional tents. Almost 15,000 tents have been sent to Pakistan alone following the floods there.

In addition to Pakistan – since 8th August alone – ShelterBox has delivered help to people in Niger, Mexico, Guatemala, the Philippines and Benin. And, in the last few days, a ShelterBox Response Team has deployed to Indonesia following the deadly tsunami there.

That’s why we were really delighted to learn of these three new boxes. Because, wherever they end up going, we know they’ll make a huge difference to the families who receive them.



  1. Know you made a long ride today and are tired. Glad to hear of the successes in Las Vegas. We are very proud to have met both of you and for what you are doing for the Shelter Box program.

    • What we’re doing seems easy compared to what the volunteers who deploy the boxes have to do. We’re just so pleased that our personal challenge is helping to inspire others and generate some extra funds for such a worthwhile cause.

  2. Thought a lot about you yesterday, as I knew you had such a long ride. Seems the winds were kind to you, though. We enjoyed so much having you here in LV and wish you all the best.

    • It was our pleasure to be there… but we have enjoyed the drop in elevation over the last couple of days! The 73 miles to Santa Rosa was easier than the 10 miles between Eagle Nest and Angel Fire.

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