Posted by: Huw Thomas | October 26, 2010

A quarter of the way?

The original target for this trip was to ride 10,000 miles but the way things are going our final total could be a bit higher.

We’re now in Santa Fe, which was always going to be a significant point on the North American leg of our journey as it’s roughly halfway along our planned route. It’s also the point where we start to turn east and away from the Rockies.

However, my original estimate that we would have ridden just over 2,400 miles by now has proved a little inaccurate. For the actual detail – and some more  facts and figures about our ride to date – see below:


Cycling: Miles ridden – 2,720; longest day – 73 miles; fastest daily average speed – 17.8 mph; slowest average speed – 8.8mph.

Other records: Highest altitude reached – 9,101 ft (2,774 m); punctures – 17 (at least!); tyres worn out – one; wildlife sightings – pelicans, coyote, pronghorn antelopes, buffalo, elk, (a) moose and prarie dogs. (Bears – still zero!)

ShelterBox: Talks given – 37; public displays – seven; media interviews – 17.

Footage of us taken cycling across Colorado – taken by the intrepid Dan Fanning.



  1. Looks good!

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