Posted by: Huw Thomas | October 18, 2010

Carolyn’s confession!

Carolyn says: We had a little problem today. I was cycling along after lunch, happily composing more verses to my “Orion Orion” (Horsey Horsey) song about the day’s ride so far. The first one went like this….

Orion Orion, what a relief,

You were on dirt, which caused so much grief,

You’re now on tarmac, we’re all so pleased,

Soon, we’ll have our cup of tea.

Then with just four miles to go, the following happened…

Orion Orion, where can it be?

I lost my helmet when I stopped for a pee.

Turn around and do six miles more,

There it is lying on the floor!

(Hence our ride was 12 miles longer than planned, totalling 70). Many, many thanks to my patient husband who didn’t shout and scream, but calmly turned the bike around with a slightly exasperated “didn’t you notice it was missing” look on his face!



  1. Your husband has always been more tolerant than mine. Can you imagine it?? St Huw…

    • Yup. Just been polishing my halo…

  2. Hilarious!! Pxx

  3. lol- Huw is just banking points for when HE forgets something and you have to do an extra 12 miles for him… 😉

    • Ahh… now I’ve been sussed!

  4. Oops…! The second I slammed the door shut yesterday to collect the children from school a sickening feeling hit me… my keys were still on the inside. Closely followed by the realisation my mobile was too! A kindly playground mum let me borrow her phone and Gary’s work colleague set off to find him. When found lovely husband had to excuse himself from important meeting to come home to rescue stranded wife and children sitting on front doorstep. And he did it with a smile… it’s lucky they love us!!

  5. Fantastic!! just the sort of thing that happens to me too!!

    • Yup, we all have our moments! Which is why I couldn’t complain 😉

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