Posted by: Huw Thomas | October 14, 2010

First snow!

We’re having a few days off the tandem – it’s being serviced in a bike shop in Denver while our leg muscles (and backsides!) enjoy a bit of a break from cycling. In the meantime, we’re flitting all over the area giving talks and presentations about ShelterBox.

We got a little worried on Tuesday as we drove up into the mountains through a winter wonderland landscape on our way to the town of Breckenridge.

Not the best cycling weather!

Luckily, this was only a taste of winter and not the real thing. By midday the sun was out and normal service has now resumed!

While we were up in the Breckenridge area, however, we were able to give a talk to a local Rotary Club, attend a community dinner and visit the Summit Cove Elementary School to talk about ShelterBox and what we’re doing. (Kids just love that tent!)

How many children can you get in a ShelterBox tent?

We only had two presentations to do yesterday. So far today, we’ve given a talk to the new Castle Pines Rotary Club – with another three talks yet to come. We’ve got three events to go to tomorrow then – on Saturday – we’ll have a chance to give our voices a rest when we get back on the tandem and continue our journey south.

We’re really enjoying our time in the Denver area though – huge thanks to local SRT member and ShelterBox rep Traci Oliver for organising our schedule and making it all happen. A big thank you too to Dan Fanning for being such a great host – Rocky Mountain National Park was just beautiful.



  1. Yep time to get out of Colorado while the gett’ns good! Really enjoyed spending time with you both!

    Safe travels and happy adventures.

    • We’re going, we’re going… Colorado has been wonderful – helped greatly by your friendship and hospitality. Still trying to get the aerial footage up on the blog. Just been rather busy this week. Getting back on the bike today was quite relaxing!

  2. Great stuff- just hope winter holds off a little longer!! New walk opening here today. Pig-on-a-spit at the end too – so all 3 of us walking!! Pxx

    • We’ll expect a full list of new walks to inspect whenever we come back to Viseu! Hope you enjoyed the pig. Regards to all.

  3. Huw & Carolyn – It was wonderful to meet you yesterday in Boulder (my friend Lisa stopped you as you walked by the restaurant where we were eating). I wish the best to you in your travels, and look forward to following your journey via your blog. Kim

    • Thank you – it’s always really great when people recognise the ShelterBox logo!

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