Posted by: Huw Thomas | October 8, 2010

NZ and Oz

Although we’re not even halfway through the first leg of our journey, we’re now starting to work on planning the second part – riding across New Zealand and Australia.

We’re due to fly to New Zealand on 16th January 2011 and then on to Australia on 2nd March.

Our plan is to continue with what we’re doing in North America – trying to spread the word about ShelterBox through talks to Rotary Clubs, schools, scouts, guides etc and by setting up displays about the charity’s work in towns that we visit.

The route section of our blog has now been updated with our planned route for NZ and Oz. Click on the links in bold for more information or go via the Route page. 

Our aim is to ride an average of 50 miles a day and fit in as many talks and displays as we can along the way. We’d welcome any invitations to give a talk… and offers of a bed or place to camp along the way! Contact us via



  1. I have family all over Australia. I’ll check out the route and compare to where they are and see what I can do.

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