Posted by: Huw Thomas | October 7, 2010

So many people!

After riding across empty plains for days on end, it’s been a real shock arriving in Denver and seeing skyscrapers, busy highways… and so many people!

We’ve got a bit of a break from the bike here – something our leg muscles and joints really need – but we’re going to be kept busy in a different way. Local SRT member and ShelterBox rep Traci Oliver has organised a busy schedule of visits and presentations to promote the charity while we’re in the area.

We started with visits to two Rotary Clubs today and have another 13 ShelterBox events lined up over the next eight days. We also got interviewed by Fox News yesterday when we arrived in Denver – apparently we were on TV just before 10pm but we were both asleep by then!



  1. It was great to meet the two of you in Denver! I am excited to watch your success across the world. You are doing a great job and are an inspiration to us all! I will email you details for Tallahasse! Love, sunshine and laughter – Tammi

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