Posted by: Huw Thomas | October 2, 2010

Holy cow!

We reached 2,000 miles yesterday on our way to the tiny town of Medicine Bow, Wyoming. That means we have completed a fifth of our 10,000-mile target. So… only another 8,000 miles to go!

Crossing Wyoming has been quite an experience. Some fantastic landscapes but more antelope than people and the towns on our route were few and far between. We normally try to ride 50 miles a day but in Wyoming we’ve ended up doing lots of 60 mile-plus days because there has literally been nowhere else to stop.

Despite the big empty spaces (it’s the least populated state in the US) we’ve still managed to give talks about ShelterBox to four Rotary Clubs and three schools so far – as well as lots of people we’ve met along the way.

In Rawlins we had access to a demonstration ShelterBox and set the tent up in the gym at Mountain View Elementary School. Most people who see the tent are impressed by its size and how many people it can hold.

One little boy had a different perspective though. As he walked through the tent, he looked around with wide eyes and said: ‘Wow! You could get five cows in here.”



  1. lol- spoken like a true rancher! 😉

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