Posted by: Huw Thomas | October 2, 2010

A song

Carolyn says: Today I composed a song to help get us up the hills… to be sung to the tune of Horsey Horsey. (For those who don’t know, Orion is our bike’s name):

Orion, Orion, don’t you stop,

Just keep on going till you get to the top,

Your bell goes PING and your wheels go round,

Spin along, you’re Laramie bound.

(Like it? Huw was supposed to PING the bell at the appropriate moment but the novelty soon wore off! I think I need extra verses so if anyone is feeling creative out there… This post is particularly dedicated to all the children following the blog – I know there are a few.)



  1. One for the road…

    Orion, Orion on you go
    We haven’t the time to go slow, slow, slow
    Our legs are stiff and our bottoms sore
    It’s just another 8,000 miles more!

    Keep up the good work! Helen x x

  2. On to CALL-OR-ADO
    Once we cross the border the wind will stop
    Bears won’t chase us and our tires won’t POP!
    It’s on to CALL-OR-ADO!

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