Posted by: Huw Thomas | September 21, 2010

No bears, no snow!

Arrived safely in Jackson, Wyoming, today after five days of the most spectacular but toughest riding we’ve done so far. We crossed the Continental Divide three times coming through Yellowstone and reached the highest altitude of the whole trip – about 8,350 feet.

And – despite the gloomy predictions of all those pessimists out there – we didn’t have any snow and we weren’t eaten by bears. In fact, we’ve still not seen a grizzly or a black bear.

Very glad to have a warm, soft bed tonight after camping in sub-zero temperatures for the last three nights. Too tired to write any more now – will try and update properly with some pictures and video tomorrow.



  1. No bears! oh we are disappointed!!! Chomp.

  2. Ah… there you are!! Have been wondering what you’ve been up to. Not fending off bears of any variety I’m very relieved to hear! I know Carolyn has her… erm… spray but nevertheless it’s lovely to know you haven’t needed to use it! I hope Carolyn managed to get her thermal pyjamas before your latest camping excursion and hope you both enjoyed that warm snug bed! Take care of yourselves on the next leg of the trip. Love Helen x

  3. You’re back. I’ve been watching the park Webcams so I was aware and relieved you had no snow. Too bad you didn’t get to see a bear. Hope you got to see plenty of other wildlife. Enjoy that warm bed sounds like you earned it.

  4. No bears? No snow? What sort of cushy jaunt is this anyway?
    You really seem to be motoring. Are the dollars racking up as fast as the miles?
    Hope you rested long and well.

  5. Glad to see you are moving along well, I am the Rotarian you met at the gas(petrol) station in Wolf Creek MT. On September 11th. We are now back home in Georgia Rotary District 6900 Sandy Springs Rotary Club.
    Safe travels to you both.
    Barry Smith

  6. Happy birthday Huw!

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