Posted by: Huw Thomas | September 14, 2010

Schools & scouts

We had a busy day in Helena yesterday (Monday). Started off with a visit to a class at the CR Anderson Middle School first thing, followed by a lunchtime presentation to the bike club at Capital High School.

Wheeling the bike down the corridors of Capital High, Helena.

Then in the evening we went to a meeting of Helena’s Scout Troop 214 – where we had scouts, leaders and parents alike all busy with our ‘what’s in a box?’ challenge! (See the clips below to see us all in action.)

Scouts from Helena's 214 Troop get a first-hand look at what's in a ShelterBox.


No chance for a lie in this morning though – we were guest speakers at the 7am meeting of the Helena Sunrise Rotary Club. Once we’ve got ourselves packed up today, it’s a 35-mile ride to Townsend where we’re talking to their Rotary Club this evening!



  1. Really, truly amazing reading your blog….
    Thanks for the lesson plan stuff too, spent eight weeks teaching mainly Russians who now know all about Shelterbox! A delayed trip next week to IHViseu and Portugal though due to getting through to the Hungerford tennis club mens doubles finals this sunday! I’m surprised to say the least Huw…It must have been all that training with you!
    Keep those wheels turning…
    Back on court with Paddy soon. No doubt we will be thinking of you.

  2. Huw & Carolyn they had an article in the Helena Independent Record about our Little Buddys on Mount Helena. Rich


    Missing gnomes likely taken from homes

    By ANGELA BRANDT Independent Record | Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Police are looking for the rightful owners of a gaggle of garden gnomes.

    “We have 10 wayward gnomes here,” said Helena Police Chief Troy McGee.

    Someone placed the dwarflike creatures made of both ceramic and plastic on Mount Helena along the 1906 Trail. They were found Monday evening.

    The gnomes are believed to be stolen from their homes. McGee said police have contacted residents who have recently reported their garden decorations stolen and have not been able to find any matches so far.

    McGee encouraged anyone missing a gnome to contact the Helena Police Department’s evidence technician at 447-8468.

  3. I’m loving getting to be nosy and seeing all these different classroom clips! Will be using you in orientation week, Mon 27th, so you can do a presentation without having to turn up! cheers:)

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