Posted by: Huw Thomas | September 12, 2010

Marvellous Montana!

Montana is beautiful – no two ways about it. We’ve now reached the state capital, Helena after three days following the Missouri River south (and upstream) through more wonderful landscapes.

The first day out of Great Falls wasn’t so special. We enjoyed some typically English weather – grey cloud, low temperatures and persistent drizzle! For the last couple of days though the weather has improved dramatically (apart from the wind!) and the scenery has just been spectacular. We’ve mostly been riding along the banks of the Missouri watching fly fishermen and pelicans on the water and gazing in admiration at craggy canyons, rolling hillsides and distant mountains.

We’ve also continued to meet some lovely people and get a great reaction to what we’re doing. On Tuesday, as well talking to Great Falls Rotary Club, we did two TV interviews and appeared on the front page of the Great Falls Tribune. The next day – as we walked around in our ShelterBox T-shirts – we had a complete stranger rush up to us in the supermarket and give us $15 as a donation to ShelterBox and loads of people honked their horns and shouted ‘good luck’.

We’ve got another couple of days off in Helena. On Monday we’re doing things at a couple of local schools and then doing a presentation to a local Scout group.

CAROLYN SAYS: “Holy Smokes” – I’d never realised people over here would really say that but they do! I love it, and will now adopt it and no doubt exclaim in such a fashion fairly frequently on this trip. It was said with such emphasis by the landlady of a local bar in the tiny town of Craig and uttered in relation to a story of the biggest fish caught by a local who told us “it was the size of my wagon with it’s tail trailing on the ground behind”.

If we had a dollar for everyone out there who’s told us we’ll definitely hit snow in Yellowstone we’d be raising loads of money by now. I hope they are wrong, but I’m really excited about getting there – especially now I’m armed with a “fire extinguisher-style” bear spray courtesy (and many thanks to) Charlie in Great Falls.  But why didn’t I bring my thermal pyjamas? It’s got chilly in the tent at night.   A visit to Wal-Mart might be necessary before Yellowstone……



  1. Hello you two!

    We are so glad that you are safe and have a 1,000 miles under your belt. (And that you will be safe with your new bear spray!) So I guess we weren’t the only ones warning you:) We will continue to pray for you on your journey. Take care.

    Steve and Marti

  2. Huw,

    That bear spray works great for dogs too. Shake well before using!!

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