Posted by: Huw Thomas | September 7, 2010

The first 1,000 done

Less than 9,000 miles to go! We completed our first 1,000 miles on the day we left East Glacier – blown along by a lovely tailwind that also helped us set our record average speed for the day – 17.8mph.

Yesterday, we arrived in Great Falls after three longish days riding across Montana. They call this ‘Big Sky Country’ and it certainly is. Rolling prairies with the mountains now way in the distance. There’s not much out there except the wind, the rolling landscape and the sky. 

One advantage is that you can see the weather coming. On Sunday we got to a small town called Valier for a late coffee, rode a few hundred yards out of town – then turned right round again and went straight on to lunch. We’d seen the wall of black advancing out of the NE and knew that there was nowhere else to stop for the next 20 miles!

Stormchasing in Big Sky Country

We watched the thunderstorm go past from the safety of a bank porch then rode on in its wake, looking at the drifts of hailstones lying beside the road.

The clips below give a flavour of the road from East Glacier. (There’s no sound on the first one.) 

We’ve got a couple of days off now – another Rotary presentation today and hopefully a couple of other ShelterBox activities while we’re here.


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