Posted by: Huw Thomas | September 3, 2010

Over the divide and off to school

It was back on the road on Wednesday as we headed east over the Continental Divide. We managed to mostly avoid the downpours – although had to race to keep ahead of a nasty sleety rain for the last few miles. That night we were lucky enough to stay in the Izaak Walton Inn at Essex – an old railway workers lodge that’s been transformed into a lovely small hotel. (Thanks again, Scott, for fixing that up and to David for looking after us.)

On Thursday we started under a blanket of cloud but, over the next couple of hours, the wind not only swept the sky clear but  gave us a very welcome push up to the Marias Pass. It was a steady climb – about 18 miles of uphill – but from the summit we got some wonderful views of the peaks in Glacier National Park, many covered with a fresh dusting of snow. This was also our first crossing of the Continental Divide – from this line all the rivers behind us flow west to the Pacific, while those ahead flow east to the Atlantic.

The Marias Pass is about 1,609m high (or 5,280ft in old money) so a fair bit higher than our last mountain pass. Only problem is, we’re going to cross the Divide again when we go through Yellowstone and that time it’s going to be 2,518m high if we take the lowest route!

Today, we had our first school visit of the journey. We visited three classes at East Glacier Park School, talked to the pupils about disasters and ShelterBox – and showed off our tandem. (I’m sure that the thing that impressed the youngest pupils most was the little bell on my handlebars!)



  1. Great work! Hard to believe it’s been a month already… well for me it is– I’m sure you’ve been feeling every day!

    All the best for a continued great trip and hope the weather behaves itself for you 🙂

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