Posted by: Huw Thomas | August 28, 2010

Across the border

DAY 21: After cycling for 799.5 miles we left Canada this morning and crossed the border into the United States. It’s been quite tough getting here as over the last few days the wind’s been trying very hard to persuade us to turn round and head north again.

On Thursday we actually stopped riding 10 miles earlier than planned as the wind was blowing so strongly that it was getting increasingly tough to make any headway. Yesterday wasn’t quite so bad – we had headwinds, tailwinds and sidewinds (no, not all at the same time).

Despite the winds, though, our last few days of riding in Canada have been really good. It was a huge relief to get off the Trans-Canada Highway and onto some quieter roads. Heading south, we also seem to have left a lot of the mosquitoes behind – a huge relief as they particularly like me!

Once we crossed into the States we rode into the small town of Eureka and did what seemed the most appropriate thing to celebrate Рwent into a proper American diner and stuffed ourselves! (Well, I did.)

The joy of cycling - guilt free eating!



  1. Well done you two! What a fantastic experience. x

  2. Welcome Travellers!!
    So glad you’re making such great progress safely!
    We are very excited to see you both in October here in Colorado. If there is anything we can have ready for your arrival please, please let me know.
    Go Tandem 10,000!!! Go Shelterbox!!

    Your Colorado Fans are pulling for you!

    Dan and the Carbon Valley Rotary

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