Posted by: Huw Thomas | August 24, 2010

Worst and best day so far….

CAROLYN SAYS: Worst day – torrential rain, flat tyre before setting off, nowhere to buy coffee or lunch! Day improved at 3.30pm when a Big Mac meal in Golden restored motor coordination and spirits and improved even further as we had to succumb to a pub meal in the evening as the mossies were feasting on Huw too much at the riverside campsite.

Best day – the very next day. Golden to Edgewater near Radium Hotsprings.  Waved a welcome goodbye to the busy Trans-Canada Highway and headed south on much quieter Highway 95. Clear blue skies and sunshine but only 20 degrees  – perfect cycling weather. Fantastic views of the Rockies on the left and wetlands on the right.

A quick mega thanks (as this is my – Carolyn’s – first blog update) to all Warmshowers and Rotary hosts so far who have made our trip through Canada particularly special, and to Val for enabling us to phone home this morning and catch up on family news – great!

Today enjoying a “floomphy day” (as my niece Amelia calls it) when we do nothing but “floomph” for which my bottom is especially glad!



  1. chaps… here’s to floomphing! top word… I think I shall adopt it. Am enjoying reading about your antics ..v impressive if obviously clearly insane.. how many miles to go now? are you nearly there yet? Am I helping….

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