Posted by: Huw Thomas | August 24, 2010

Lights, cameras, action

Just to prove we’re really here… a couple of video clips from our conquest of the Rogers Pass.

The first is from the way up, the second is when Carolyn realised it was still another 20 miles to the next campsite – and it wasn’t all downhill!

We’ve also added a couple of videos to previous posts. Either scroll down – or search for video in the different categories.



  1. lol Poor, poor Carolyn. I’m so impressed you made it to your floomph day! ;-P

  2. Hey guys! I’m sure you talk to a lot of people, but perhaps you remember talking to me on the side of the Trans Canada going through the Roger’s Pass! I was the tall girl from Alberta travelling solo. 🙂 You asked me where I thought the next campsite was and I wasn’t sure, but thought there was one not too far… I hope this video wasn’t taken after meeting me, because I’d feel bad if you had to cycle another 20+ miles when I thought it wasn’t far, haha. You certainly deserved the rest you got that night! (and every night, for that matter) I read the post above this one too, and yes, I bet you were happy to get off of the Trans Canada — such a busy road, especially in August!

    Best wishes for the rest of your trip! I will spread the word about your cause. 🙂

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