Posted by: Huw Thomas | August 14, 2010

Rolling north

Oh my, they have some big landscapes out here in Canada! At the end of day six of our ride we have made it to Ashcroft, a small town in the Thompson Valley. So far we have clocked up just over 241 miles – so I make that almost 2.5% of our journey done.

The first couple of days out of Vancouver were relatively easy, i.e. not many hills. By the time we got to the town of Hope, over 100 miles inland from Vancouver, we had only reached an elevation of 39m.  But then came the Fraser Canyon and it all got a little bit harder.

Today was a bit of a tough one – about 51 miles of cycling but with a nasty headwind for the second half of the ride that had us plodding along at 6-10mph. We even had to pedal on most of the downhills and the weather has also got much hotter. We got soaked on Monday afternoon but since then the skies have got clearer and the temperature higher. It was 26 degrees in Lytton yesterday and 31 degrees when we arrived in Ashcroft today.

Not much shade out here

But despite the wind and the heat – we had lunch in a ditch today because it was the only shade we could find – it has been a fantastic ride so far. Some wonderful scenery and lots of friendly people. I think our box often makes people do a double take!



  1. What a landscape! I driven thru there and been by train, but never cycled… Keep at it folks!!
    What was in yer sarnies? Anything interesting?

  2. Glad you’re enjoying the Canadian leg of your route – I’m on Vancouver Island at the moment visiting family and I’m really sorry I missed you while you were in Vancouver – I was in Toronto on my way out west.

    Looking forward to reading more posts!

    Beverly (IH Braga)

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