Posted by: Huw Thomas | August 7, 2010

No time for jet lag

Within 24 hours of arriving in Vancouver, we’d done interviews with two local newspapers, one radio station and a cable TV channel! You can read one of the newspaper stories by clicking here.

Oh, and our host Jen took us along to give a talk to her Rotary Club at 7am on our first morning in the country. All good stuff though as it’s exactly what we’re here for – to spread the word about ShelterBox.

Tomorrow, we’ll be outside Vancouver Art Gallery with a ShelterBox display organised by local volunteers. Then at 3pm we’ll finally hit the road and start the long pedal towards Florida. We’re hoping some local cyclists will join us for the first part of the ride out of Vancouver – so come along if you can!

Being interviewed by Delta Cable TV



  1. Hi Huw and Carloyn

    Keep up your good work and pedal hard for ShelterBox. It was a pleasure meeting you guys at our meeting and good luck on your journey.

    Rick Lewall
    President , Rotary Club of Tsawwassen

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